API Documentation
API Basics

The API allows you to access fencer info, gfycat info, and derived info about tournaments and bouts. It is still a work in progress, so let me know if you want any other data added.


GET /api/fencers/:fie_id

Get fencer info by FIE ID.


GET /api/bouts

Get info on all the bouts in the DB.


GET /api/tournaments/:tournament_id?

Get info on a tournament in the DB. If you omit the ID, it'll give you all the tournaments in the DB.


GET /api/clips/:gfycat_gfy_id?

Get details of a gfycat. If you don't specify a gfycat gfy id, it'll give you info on every gfycat in the DB.

GET /api/clips/random/:weapon?

Get a random clip. Specify a weapon to get a random clip from within that weapon.

GET /api/clips/questions/:weapon?

Get the questions we ask for a given weapon. The response will be a list of questions. Here's the format of a question:

  • type: The type of question. Right now they're all selects.
  • id: the id of the question. Use this when submitting a response.
  • question: The question text.
  • note: An explanatory note resolving some ambiguities in the question.
  • options: The list of possible responses. Each contains a value that should be returned when you submit, and a display name for the answer.

POST /api/clips/submit

Submit a response you collected on your own site. The format should be a dict, where the key is the id of the question and the value is the value of the option selected. Please also include the gfycat gfy id under the key 'gfycat-gfy-id'.

An API key is required. Please send it as the X-Authentication-Header. If you don't have one, contact me - developers@fencingdatabase.com.